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Wild Wings Marina & R V Park
9055 West State Route 2

Oak Harbor, OH 43449


Western Basin

During the spring and summer months, FISHIN AGAIN runs out of Wild Wings Marina and R V Park. Located off of State Route 2. One-mile west of Davis-Besse nuclear power plant, 10 miles west of Port Clinton, Ohio and 25 miles east of Toledo, Ohio.

FISHIN AGAIN has chosen this location to dock its 30 foot Island Hopper because of its proximaty to the western basin and its complex reef system. A majority of your fishing trips will only require a short boat ride so you get to the fish fast.

The marina and campground are located within walking distance of the boat, restaurant, convient store, and lounge. Parking is available dock-side for your convience.

Wild Wings has an excellent fish cleaning service that will pick your fish up at the boat and have them bagged and cleaned quickly for an additional fee.

Central Basin

When the summer heat warms the water temperatures to uncomfortable levels for the walleye, they move to deeper waters. FISHIN AGAIN moves with the walleye to the central basins deeper waters to eliminate the amount of travel time to get to the fish.

The boat is docked in the Huron and/or Vermillion Rivers. Lodging is still available at Wild Wings Marina and RV Park, but will require approximately a 30 mile trip east on State Route 2. Approximately a 30-40 minute drive.

Wild Wings Map
Approximate Mileage:
Chicago, IL
264 miles
Fort Wayne, IN
110 miles
Columbus, OH
130 miles
Milwaukee, WI
330 miles
Louisville, KY
330 miles
Cleveland, OH
85 miles


Need a detailed map and directions? Check out Yahoo! Maps. Type in the address at the top of the page and Yahoo will get you here without getting lost. If all else fails, contact Captain Randy Lillly at 419-569-1443.